Monday, January 29, 2018

Suitor Shoots Widow, Self

Detroit Free Press, September 3, 1947
A love triangle (if you can call it that) caused a jilted suitor named Arthur Badger to shoot Mary Dorsey, an Eloise employee, before turning the gun on her beau and then himself, fatally in the latter instance. The bullet intended for Ms. Dorsey's fiance, Clifford Collins, missed its mark. He then fought off the madman with a chair and forced him outside where police confronted him before he took his own life. Dorsey was shot in the abdomen and her injuries proved to be fatal as she died the following day at the same hospital where she was employed..

Since headline to the original story spanned the entire length of the page I've included in thumbnail format in case you felt compelled to see it.

Detroit Free Press, September 4, 1947

Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Patient: Wayne County General Hospital and Infirmary

This booklets dates to somewhere between 1945 when the name of Eloise was officially changed to Wayne County General Hospital and August of 1949 when Dr. Thomas Gruber passed away.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Committment, Release, Death & Karma (But Not in That Order)

Detroit Free Press, January 19, 1911
Lumberman Frederick Ross had his wife Anna committed to Eloise during a divorce proceeding in 1911. She was later released after a lack of evidence towards mental instability was coupled with the fact that Mr. Ross had not seen his wife in nearly two years.

He was arrested for lying in a bankruptcy proceeding and risked losing his freedom. The outcome of that court case escaped my prying fingers.

Mrs. Ross's happy reunion with her son lasted only a few months as she died of heat exhaustion and stress in July of that same year.

Detroit Free Press, January 19, 1911 (enlarge)
Detroit Free Press, February 17, 1911
Detroit Free Press, July 12, 1911

Friday, January 26, 2018

Copper Plate Block Stamps

These recently sold on eBay for $225 and are probably worth the price for some irrational entrepreneur who wants to make retro postcards or lithographs. I don't know how usable they are but they're pretty damn cool. Thankfully, I missed the auction until it was too late.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

While I'm in the mode of featuring Eloise memorabilia which was/is for sale on eBay here is a Eloise Staff spoon. It was produced by William A. Rogers Hotel Plate and was going for $16. Which is about $11 more than I would pay.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Envelope From Dr. Milton Erickson to Helen Ericksom, 1939

A recently sold Eloise piece from eBay. I was going to bid on it but $5 for an empty envelope seemed steep. Anyway, this was a letter or note sent by Dr. Milton H. Erickson presumably to his ex-wife Helen. They divorced in 1935 and he was granted custody of their children. 1939 is significant for Erickson because it was the year that he was named director of Psychiatric Research and Training at Wayne County General Hospital.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Recovered $2,500

Detroit Free Press, March 2, 1892
You might be interested to know that the third floor in the east wing of the County House had portable stairs to the attic. David J. May, engineer at the facility, found out that they were very portable and not all secured as he took a tumble down one such ladder and severely injured his foot. A maiming that would not heal and resulted in a successful suit against the county for $2,500.