Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Few Famous, A Few Not So Famous Added To The Rosters

In the last hour or so I lucked upon some information about an Eloise TB patient named Joseph Julius Kustus, a former major league baseball player for the Brooklyn Superbas, born in Detroit on September 5, 1882. Although his stint in the big leagues lasted only a few months he had a fairly successful career in the minor leagues before tuberculosis cut short his life on April 27, 1916. He was only 33 years old when he died at the Eloise Sanitarium.

Wikipedia listing.

Find A Grave listing.

Baseball reference listing.

Genealogy blog which mentions Jules and his longtime partner Rose Zimmeth who apparently were also partners in a grocery business.

This obituary for Michael Fitzpatrick, 85, came from the November 15, 1968 edition of the Windsor Star. Seeing as he was elderly and died at the General Hospital it's safe to assume his death was from natural causes and not from a maniacal episode like so many of the patients I have listed.

I posted a link to partial obituary for Dr. William Lukash, ex-White House Physician and a former intern at Wayne County General Hospital, from The San Diego Union, February 5, 1998. It's a free abstract for a Pay-Per-View article which I won't waste the money on when I can re-search just his name on Google News for free. I'll get back to that at some point seeing as there was nothing overly exciting about his story except for the White House stint, which is kinda boring when so many other Eloise alumni were much more fascinating characters. He's noteworthy nonetheless and I'll return to him at some point.

Another interesting story was a tragic bus accident which happened in Dearborn on January 17, 1944. The Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune reported:

"The Dearborn Coach company bus, with every available space crammed with students and war workers from Ford Motor Co. plants, was demolished. The bus, driven by Alvin Roy Sweet, 31, of Detroit, and the automobile collided in attempting to pass and the bus then hurtled against the tree."

3 Dearborn Fordson High School students, Betty Krause, 17, Wilmer Ford, 16 and Robert Drake, 17, died in the crash. Drake was dead at the scene while Krause and Ford passed away later at Eloise. All three teenagers were from Garden City.

"The driver of the car, Silas T. Maxey, was also injured." I haven't been able to find out anything else about him though. I'll work on that when I've run out of Google News Archive searches.

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