Saturday, September 24, 2011

Abstract Arf!

What strikes me as quite silly is that The Detroit Free Press and the publisher of their electronic archives, Pro Quest, have a deal whereby basically only libraries and institutions of higher learning can tap into their resources. None of the public libraries in metro Detroit carry the subscription so if you want to do any kind of in depth research you have to go to the main universities. Not going to happen. I like researching from home! Anyhow, these are three stories out of many that I can't collect because of this limitation. 

Alice C. Kellogg was a noted public speaker and also a writer for the Ladies Home Journal. I couldn't find any articles by her since they were all written before 1907 and not many people have much use for hundred year housekeeping and decorating suggestions. I checked Google books and from the few mentions of for her name which matched the period that she would have been writing in it seems that she covered religious topics for LHJ. 

They sure didn't pull any punches back in the 1920s did they? Try calling a kid a feeble-minded idiot these days and you'll either be assaulted or thrown into jail for bullying. Anyhow I guess it made sense to separate the adult idiots from the adolescent ones considering that to be classified as an idiot pretty much assured everybody that you'd do something haphazardly dangerous just about all of the time.

You know, the more I read about people suddenly becoming insane the more apt I am to think that they were most likely already insane and that they just acted out at an inopportune time and were caught and labelled as such.

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