Wednesday, September 14, 2011

La Luna, The Loonies & the White, Female Kunta Kinte

Canton Observer, January 13, 1977 (enlarge)
An article in the Canton Observer from 1973 showing the effects of the full moon on not only the mentally insane but also the population at large. As was to be expected, mentally ill persons were more likely to experience strange behavior during the peak lunar cycles and Eloise proved to be no exception.

The Washington Times, July 18, 1908 (enlarge)
This story of a Chicago girl, Lorraine Wright, sold into "white slavery" by her brother while their crippled mother was convalescing in Eloise was a hard piece to come by via the free pipeline of internet newspapers. Since I'm not about to pay $3.95 per article I tend to glean the free abstracts from Google and the paper archive itself which gives the gist of the story and through that you can find keywords for further searches. It works for me anyway although I have yet to uncover the mother's name. Purposely typing misspellings into your search sometimes turns up an otherwise unreachable gem through the weird maze of pdf computations.

Since this story was from 1908 it's most likely that she was trafficked into some kind of sex industry and not as a housemaid though the papers of the day were sometimes more graphic than they are now.

For some reason the phrase "her brother, Charles Wright, believed to be a piano player in the levee district,..." stuck out the most to me in a story about a guy selling his sister into slavery. Never let a good story get in the way of facts, eh?

The Daily News, July 21, 1905
I'm insane and I can't live without you, Eloise. So said W. F. Parson, after a month of freedom cured him of his sane state. Of course, he realized this while in Kalamazoo and had to be shipped back to the safe confines of the red brick mansions on Michigan Avenue.

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