Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Music, Madness and a "Did You Know?"

I came across the case of Henry Leo Cada a few months back but haven't gotten around to researching him fully. The story is pretty straightforward from the standpoint that he murdered his sister so that she wouldn't have to go back to Eloise for future shock treatments. At least that's his side of the story and since Ida was gored to death by him the case is likely to be dependent upon his word and third party testimony if there was any. There may not be. I'll be looking into it shortly.

I've already written about Ira Altshuler and his renown music therapy program and the ancillary bizarre stories about patients Maestro X, the skid row Tchaikovsy as well as Altshuler's own bizarre marriage to a former Hollywood starlet in training, Paula Drew but not much about the program itself.

I don't know if Miss Marian Byers figured prominently in the musical therapy field or was just a practitioner but I will find out at some point along the line of inquiry. As for now she'll be relegated to "former employee status" with a picture to parse the abrogated unknown. Yeah, I'm being a little poetic to mask my ignorance on the subject. Makes sense, huh? Her pedigree in education and music seems quite accomplished just the same.

No, I did not know! Thanks for letting me on to the fact, Grosse Pointe News, 1987.

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