Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baby Ford, Dr. Crumb and "Oh no you didn't!" Marvin O'Kray

Marvin O'Kray of Melvindale robbed a gas station of $30 but wasn't satisfied with his take of the till. So he demanded that the attendant, one Jewel Fitzgerald, give him more payola and to emphasize his demands grabbed Mr. Fitzgerald by the collar. At which point Fitzgerald choked him senseless. When the police arrived they had to use a resuscitator to revive O'Kray and took hims to Wayne County General Hospital where he was subsequently arrested and held as a prisoner while receiving treatment.

* * *

This next story is a bittersweet tale to say the least. In August of 1946, Madeline Ford, a waitress and mother of three young children went to a physician's office looking to have a short conversation about a pressing matter. She vocalized her unannounced request to see the doctor to the receptionist and when in his presence told Dr. R. L. Ellenfeldt that she was pregnant and about to deliver a baby. Five minutes later she delivered a 5 pound 5 ounce healthy baby girl. After a short period of time she told the doctor that it would be more prudent if the child was put up for adoption since Ford was a struggling divorcee who could barely support her other three children after her ex-husband and their father abandoned them.

Ford, who was subsequently interviewed by police at the trailer park she resided in, wept quietly when speaking of wanting her baby back but ultimately decided that she would be better off going to a financially stable family instead. No charges of abandonment were expected and Baby Ford was taken to Wayne County General Hospital before being turned over to the welfare department.

Mrs. Ford and her children are pictured below. Baby Ford and the others, if still living, are in their late 60s to mid-70s now.

* * *

"Doctor Crumb to emergency. Dr. Crumb you are needed STAT." There, that's all I wanted to say. That and congrats to the good doctor for winning the "Resident of the Year" award in 1970 after winning the "Intern of the Year" award the previous year. Hopefully he went on to a successful career in nehprology. From the looks of a Google search he did just that.

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