Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Taking, Saving and Enriching Lives All Under the Same Roof

I don't know if Jacob Beyer died instantly from his injuries but a swan dive into a concrete floor from three stories up sounds rather painful to say the least.

As you can see from his death certificate (you'll have to click to enlarge it), he died of a skull fracture with a hefty contribution from recurrent mania. I guess that's why they invented restraints so that you couldn't try to kill yourself multiple times in a day. It still seems like a rash act for just a burglary. Jail must have been much tougher than it is these days.

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The whole point of this article as it relates to Eloise from a blogging standpoint is the claim that the first private medical helicopter ambulance service started in Ann Arbor in 1967 and the initial flight transferred a critically burned patient from Wayne County General Hospital to U of M Hospital on December 15 of the same year. I say "the claim" because I read elsewhere (think Wikipedia) that other companies and hospitals are claimed to have done the same although a year or two after what this article purports. Seeing as I don't plan to investigate it beyond what I already have it'll be safe to say that the incident mentioned above was one of the first of its kind in the world. Of course, medical transport via plane and helicopter was utilized by the military many years before this so the feat is tempered in that regard but is still another example of the high tech capabilities the hospital exhibited.

I've never seen an artisian well called a "tisian well" but those crazy kids from 1886 must have had a hip vocabulary to have come up with all of those strange phrases and terms that they did. For you inventory types add an 18 foot well to your checklist of what Eloise had for its foundation.

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