Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Homeless Hectors, Revisiting Maestro X & Some Roster Names From The Attorney General's Report, 1912

This story certainly came out of left field and was wholly unexpected. From the pages of Jet magazine  May 20, 1952 comes the tale of four Eloise men who battled alcoholism, disease, debilitation and depression to form a singing quartet. The group performed at many churches, institutions and were comprised of Jim Edwards the bass-voiced former alcoholic, lead tenor George Henry who battled pneumonia for over a year, baritone Isaac Berry, 62, who had totally withdrew from the outside world and Bill Howell, the first tenor who was recovering from shattered legs in an automobile accident.

I couldn't find any other information on the individual men or the group but did get a possible hint from where their ensemble's name possibly came from. It seems that Homeless Hector was a syndicated comic strip about a homeless pup who searched daily for a master only to come away empty-handed in his pursuit to find dog's best friend. It appeared in several runs between 1906 and 1932. At the end of the first run in 1908 Hector had found his home but with new reprisals he was back on the master trail once more. Of course, I can't say for sure that it was their influence but it seems plausible enough to me.

I've already written in depth about Maestro X the schizophrenic classical pianist who graced the walls of Eloise for several decades so I won't get into that now but will instead share a spread and short write-up concerning him in the April 1, 1946 issue of Life.

And finally, a roster of names from Eloise straight from the Annual Report Of The Attorney General Of The State Of Michigan, 1912:

ALTER, Joseph; ALTING, May; BELLINGER, Harriet J.; BENART, Adolph; BEYERS, Kate E.; BRIDGE, Lena; BRYANT, William; DUNNEBACK, H. Eugene; FREY, John C.; HOFFMAN, Gustav A.; HOLLISTER, Jennie; HORIGAN, Thomas; JUNGNICKEL, Christina; KAESTLE, Louisa; KRANTZ, Joseph; LEONARD, Julius; MCCULLOCH, Ruth; PLACK, Caroline; PRICE, Ruth; SCHWANBECK, Minnie; SENFF, Amelia; SMITH, David K.; STENDER, Anna M.; UNTERKOFLER, Lizzie; VIERTEL, Ernestine; CHAMBERLAIN, Charles; FLAHERTY, Frank; GRAHN, Clara, GULDE, Mary; HOUGHTON, Olive L.; KNOX, Resa Dale; KARKS, Gertrude; MARTIN, Christian E.; NASH, Perry; O'BRIEN, John, REYNOLDS, Howard W.; ROSENBERG, Henry; TOWN, Ella.

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