Sunday, November 27, 2011

Leaping Ladies, Eco-Crazies & The Healing Blood Of Joe Thomas

Helen Galston apparently thought that she was in a wrestling ring and could fly when she leaped out a second story window onto her unsuspecting mother and then attempted to bite her. Luckily, neighbors interfered and she was sent off to Harper Hospital where she also became violent until she was carted off to Eloise, obviously insane.

* * *

This is kind of a sad sweet story from 1904. Henry Heller, an Eloise patient, roamed away from the asylum and ended up at Grand Circus Park in downtown Detroit. There, with stick in hand, he tended to its upkeep by shooing visitors off the grass and making sure that nobody took the flowers. Of course, the MAN came and took him away back to the safe confines of Eloise but in the interim he served humanity quite well, don't you think?

As for whatever happened to the young Mr. Heller, it would make sense that the death certificate below is the Henry Heller above since the age range would have made him about 20 at the time of the incident posted above. The fact that the Henry Heller in the death certificate died from tuberculosis makes it seem all the more likely.

*     *     *

This last story concerns the latter years of Eloise in the form of Joe Thomas and his ultra rare blood type which was discovered and coveted by doctors at Wayne County General Hospital. Thomas had given blood at the hospital on multiple occasions and through these blood lettings a pathologist named Dr. Ellis found that it contained the highest level of anti-Lewis B that had ever been recorded. A precious commodity which allows doctors to correctly match blood from one patient to another during transfusions thus avoiding a negative reaction from mismatched types. This set off a painstaking five year search for the Joe Thomas among the many Joe Thomases in a city as large as Detroit. The article posted below from Ebony Magazine (May 1971) is a short, interesting read which adds to the grand legacy of Eloise.

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