Friday, November 11, 2011

Moo, Movie Therapy & Fan Mail From The Insane Asylum

Brilliant! A couple ads placed by the Super at Eloise to sell off some of the male children of the farm's stock of Holsteins for siring purposes. With names like Willowbridge DeKol Burke and Houwtje De Kol Korndyke Boy you'd think they'd be Danish members of Parliament or something but I guess that's the way they do it in cowland. Now I'm getting all interested in cow genealogy. I wonder if there is cow genealogy and if not why the hell not?!

As many of you well know, Dr. Milton H. Erickson was a preeminent hypnotherapist who was part of the Eloise faculty for several years between 1934 and 1949. Mostly self-taught, Erickson studied non-verbal and body language after being struck with Polio at age 17 and confined to bed. He attributed this therapeutic time of recuperation as the reason for his heightened perceptional abilities and used it in his practice. This video demonstrates his technique of conversational hypnotism. Though not recorded at Eloise it is interesting just the same.

Also, here's a pdf guide to Erickson's work called EXPERIENCING HYPNOSIS: THERAPEUTIC APPROACHES TO ALTERED STATES. Please note that it is a pdf so it might download to your computer as they sometimes do.

Blanche Walsh was an American stage actress (she did make one silent picture called "Resurrection" which was based on the Tolstoy novel) in the later part of the 1800s into the middle 1910s. While a supporting actress in her early career she grew to prominence after 1900 up until her untimely death in 1915.

Though not possessed with great beauty she was considered quite talented and had a substantial fan base. One of her admirers just happened to be located at Eloise in the form of a mental patient. While in Detroit performing with her troupe in 1901 she was sent two quirky, rambling postcards which are reprinted in the article from The Evening Telegram and signed C. M. Cobb and Charlie Mc--. It's safe to say that Charlie M. Cobb probably would have been a stalker extraordinaire in this day and age of advance technology. Luckily for Ms. Walsh he wasn't and she got out of town before he turned that way.

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