Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Turkey Stoner, A Sot & A Fickle Bride

It usually takes most women a few years to realize that they married the wrong man and not long after then that he is quite possibly out of his mind.

Bernice Irwin came to this realization shortly after her marriage to Bert Garrand was consummated. What she discounted then as mere arduous affection from her eager suitor was soon deemed as insanity by her.  Just the same she stuck with it for a year and two months before legally separating when Garrand was committed to Eloise. She later amended her divorce petition to seek a proper annulment.

Just a month later, Irwin, a former Siegel's model, married a traveling salesman named William Cole who had made frequent visits to her residence! There was no word on Cole's mental stability.

*     *     *

Have a drink on she! And another and another. Rose Sebinsky could not only out drink her man but every other man on Hastings Street so it was off to old Eloise for a period of drying out per the request of her husband. If that good measure didn't work out then they'd send her to the House of the Good Shephered and leave her in God's hands.

The House of the Good Shepherd in  1910

*     *     *

I don't think this is what Bob Dylan envisioned when he wrote "everybody must get stoned" but whoever thought that I'd be archiving news stories about a nuthouse either.

Henry Riesing, seemingly already wrong in the head, escaped the close eye of his parents at their Detroit home on 1791 Michigan Avenue and traveled along the road towards Dearborn, wildly running and pegging off turkeys and stoning them to death.

He was finally contained by a farmer who suffered the loss of 3 fowl and transported the 20 year old to the Dearborn authorities who disposed with him to Eloise.

I don't know if the address coincides with modern street numbers but if it does that would place his home about a block from the old Tiger Stadium.

from The Detroit Free Press, November 10, 1897

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