Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mrs. De Clark, The Clerk, The Help & The Comet With No Name

This article was written 102 years ago this week and concerns a comet which was observed by Eloise clerk Stanislas M. Keenan as it straddled the horizon near the asylum for nearly an hour. Keenan, of course, wrote the History of Eloise in 1913 (which can be read for free here). I doubt that he ever envisioned that we'd be talking about him through an electronic medium these many decades later. Our robot ancestors of the future will mutter the same about us.

Are you willing? Will you serve? Eloise needeed a few good women for duties at the old asylum back in July of 1910 and they petitioned the citizenry through the pages of the Detroit Free Press. I've come across a few of these so I'm sure that just like in modern times at senior facilities and the like turnover rates are quite high. It's difficult enough dealing with people let alone those who can barely help themselves. I'm sure the pay wasn't great either for the unlicensed and under educated.

Obviously Mary De Clark wasn't right in the head when she placed her 4 month old son in a pre-dug hole in the backyard. Luckily the neighbors were all busy-bodies and didn't let their lives get in the way of snooping out a murder in progress. The child was rescued and mama with off to the madhouse with good cause.

from The Detroit Free Press; August 4, 1905

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