Thursday, January 5, 2012

Trains, Planes & Automobiles: Ways To Make It To Eloise

I wonder how many nearly-deaf and elderly folk were hit by the interurban while at Eloise. I'm sure half were suicides but weren't these trains loud and heavy enough to at least make the ground rumble to give off somewhat of a warning? I guess not. Either way Caroline Mitchell, a pauper, died as a result of the injuries she sustained when being hit by one. And just like in the case of Minnie Bradshaw she also survived for a short while after the accident before finally succumbing to death.

*     *     *

Luckily Ole Fahlin, Merle Cornell and Ryal Miller were all corn fed country boys from Iowa because to only sustain bruises when your plane hits a telegraph wire and nose-dives into the ground is quite a feat. Then again C. W. Townes was a local Detroiter and he only sustained minor cuts. Nothing that Eloise couldn't patch up and send back home to mom.

*     *     *

I don't think I'm mistaken when I interpret that John Alexander of Garden City was driving down I-696 when he exited at the Orchard Lake ramp before turning around and getting t-boned from a truck driven by Harry Anderson of Detroit. To compound matters, traffic backed up and another accident occurred between Eve Johnston of Bloomfield Hills and John Campbell of Royal Oak in the slowdown. Alexander went to Wayne County General with serious injuries.

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