Thursday, August 30, 2012

Poaching the Poacher, "Dead Drunk" & Dr. H. E. Elson: Kidney Man

The Detroit Free Press, January 3, 1914

I don't know much about whitefish or what's considered an undersized fish but even at a couple pounds each that's quite an arsenal of illegal fish. All the better for a search and seizure by the game warden and a Sunday brunch at the asylum.

The Detroit Free Press, December 30, 1909

Other than the POGIES and the physically handicapped most patients were literally willing to die to escape Eloise. Not Lillian Swinton! The 26 year old booze hound was found passed out at the steps leading to the Poor Commission offices. The doctor who found Swinton -- she was apparently a regular -- admitted her to the hospital with "dead drunk" written next to her name on the forms. She was first sent to St. Mary's to dry out.

The Press-Courier, March 31, 1971

Dr. Henry E. Elson was born in Detroit but grew up in Windsor. After earning B.A. and M.D. degrees from the University of Western Ontario he served his internship and residency at Eloise. From there he joined the Air Force and was the Chief of Medicine for two years at Plattsburgh. When his tour of duty was he up moved to Ventura, California and established the first kidney dialysis unit in the county. That solo practice grew into Vista Del Mar Medical Group. He still practices as a private physician.

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