Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Visiting Times are Posted, Buster Brown is Coming! & Mildred Bolyard Will Be Home for Christmas

The Detroit Free Press, May 10, 1898 

Visiting hours are now posted, friends. Keep your fingers and toes inside the car and the old folks off the tracks.

The Detroit Free Press, April 8, 1904

I don't know if it was the chemicals from his job as a "re-toucher" at E. Donald Roberts's photography studio that did him in or the threat of the apocalypse from one look into the crazy eyes of Buster Brown himself that made W. D. Williams go gaga but mad he went. Off to Eloise with him!

The Farmington Enterprise, December 14, 1939

Is there a better Christmas card to send to all the world then posting in the local newspaper that your beloved female family member who has been at Eloise for a quarter year will be coming home for the holidays? No matter if she was a mere "patient" in the hospital the general public consensus would be that she had flown the coop. Which is a boon for us because we're into that sort of thing! Probably not so much for the aggrieved party.

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