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A Bridge to the Wrong Side of Eloise, Isabella Brown's Violent Ways & Billy Linsday's Broken Heart

The Detroit Free Press, July 11, 1914

A while back I found Lena Bridge's name on a "Annual Report Of The Attorney General Of The State Of Michigan" from 1912 and now I've pinned her to one of the incidents which got her there. 10 pounds of Paris Green! She had it on her lonely farm and planned to put it into the wells of neighboring residents because, well... she was insane! I don't know what her other offense(s) was/were but it's safe to say that Eloise sent many of the uncured back out into the general populace with tragic and near-tragic results.

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The Detroit Free Press, June 6, 1914

Crazy is as crazy does unless, of course, you've recently moved across the state border to Michigan from Ohio and beat your six-year-old to a bleeding, bruised mess.

Or so it was in 1914 with Isabella Brown who had moved less than a year before from Ohio, with her family, where she was held at the Massillon Insane Asylum.

Since she hadn't resided in Michigan for a full year she was in a legal nowhere land and judges in both states refused her entry into their state's asylums.

Judge Hanley, I'm assuming of Wayne County, had other plans though and sought to send her back to the safe confines of Eloise.

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The 10 day marriage of Ms. Billy Bagley to Elton Linsday ended when his family whisked him away from their marital habitation back to the safe confines of Michigan State College (University). Apparently, with nothing to live for she took four tablets of poison and landed in Eloise.

She claimed that Mr. Linsday had been kidnapped by his family but when reached by authorities he said that he left of his own accord and was returning to school. Furthering the coarseness of his actions was the decision to have the marriage annulled as he filed suit in Kent County to do just that.

The Owosso Argus-Press, December 1, 1937

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