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Look Out For Daniels, The Friends of Warren G. & Pick Pocketing the Paupers

The Detroit Free Press, May 14, 1898

I have a feeling that when the reporter said half of Wyandotte's police force he meant it to sound like a Herculean effort but in reality there were probably only 4 or 6 men on staff. Nonetheless, "Bay" Daniels was escorted to Eloise after escaping an initial attempt some time earlier when he slipped the deputy's not so watchful eye on a train headed to the asylum. Daniels made his way to Canada where he safely stowed away until he had the gumption to return and once more give up his freedom.

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The Detroit Free Press, August 13, 1920
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I don't know if Owen Potter was still in Eloise when Warren G. Harding was elected the 29th President in 1920 but even the insane at the Asylum probably would have shaken their heads in disbelief when he mentioned his old school mate Senator Harding.

Potter's wife, who was seeking to get her husband re-released from the institution, said that not only had the two men been schoolmates but that Owen had peddled papers for Harding who was the publisher of the Marion Daily Star in Ohio up to the last year of his presidency and ultimately his life.

Potter's first visit to Eloise earlier in the year lasted only a month due to his wife's persistence. He was released into her care, went back to work and appeared to be healed but his mania lingered as he continued to phone threats to the doctor who had sent him away the first go around.

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The Detroit Free Press, July 11, 1914

If there ever was a more ironic criminal trespass than Hugh Vaughn's attempt to pickpocket his fellow paupers in the Poor House ante-room as they waited to enter the charity ward then let that man slink away before being fingered by the press!

The fact that he was charged with attempted larceny surely doesn't add any gilding to the Halls of Justices magnanimous gleam either now does it?!?!

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