Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Milton Erickson's Mental Fountain of Youth & Winifred Craddock's Five Score and Seven Years

The Milwaukee Sentinel, September 19, 1942
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Former Eloise psychiatrist Milton Erickson's world renown as an hypnotist has already been mentioned several times before on this blog but with an excellent write up like this I'd be remiss not to post it. There's small segments of historical, literary and case studies mentioned in the article plus some excellent photos and artwork. The two unfortunate parts are that the last column is partially illegible and that Erickson wasn't the one hypnotizing the ape!

The Detroit Free Press, February 10, 1905

There's probably no remaining records to discern exactly what brought Winifred Craddock to Eloise in 1895 at the spry age of 97 but the frailties of being a centenarian would be a good starting point for the guesswork. But she lived another decade and if the Free Press's accounting of events is accurate she was as lively as a young girl until shortly before her death. Somehow I don't buy into that notion but who I am to get in the way of a good story.

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