Friday, November 30, 2012

Name Dropping

As with the previous post this is a character drop where there is too little available information to write much more than the blurb offers or leftover accompanying articles which never saw the light of blogdom. There's also a few obituaries from both Eloise and Wayne County General Hospital mixed in. 

The Detroit Free Press, September 8, 1898

The Detroit Free Press, April 15, 1900

The Detroit Free Press, August 9, 1903

The Toledo Blade, August 23, 1979

The Grosse Pointe Review, August 28, 1930

The Detroit Free Press, June 8, 1900

The Detroit Free Press, March 10, 1904

The Detroit Free Press; August 13, 1904

The Detroit Free Press, July 17, 1898

The Toledo Blade, March 24, 1966

The Detroit Free Press; December 9, 1904

The Detroit Free Press, October 6, 1904

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Deceased of Detroit said...

The article regarding the Springwells resident is the DeLisle family who actually lived in Delray. The DeLisle family (Google the name) are a very old Detroit family who owned ribbons farms and are originally from Quebec. As for the Eloise doctor, his last name was not Burgeno, but actually Burdeno. There is a street in Delray named after his family and they were also French. The original name of this family was Bourgonaine and they were also from Quebec. Dr. Burdeno was born in Delray and resided in Dearborn. His two daughters attended the old Dearborn High School.