Sunday, January 13, 2013

In Search of the Harris Family, Kid Gloves & A Suspected Kidnapping

The Detroit Free Press, July 23, 1881
This is one of the sadder tales you'll see coming out of the Eloise files. As a 7-year-old boy sailor Thomas Harris was separated from his siblings and sent to the Wayne County Poor House. Not long after he was indentured to a man named John Mains who inflicted cruelty upon the young boy. A few years later Harris ran away from his adopted home and became a sailor. After sailing around the world for over a decade he returned to Detroit in search of his lost family. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find other articles concerning the matter.

Detroit Free Press, May 28, 1921

John Lawrowich came out swinging against Eloise upon his release from the institution when it was learned that some of his personal artifacts were missing. Of the lost property was a silk shirt, kid gloves, two suits, an overcoat and miscellaneous clothing. He contacted prosecutor Paul Voorhies who said he would look into the matter. He may still be looking.

The Detroit Free Press, January 16, 1905

Mr. and Mrs. James Moore of Detroit were certain that their daughter Emma, aged 14, had been kidnapped by men posing as police detectives. It turns out they were wrong. When they went to their local precinct and relayed the story the telephone operator remembered that a colored girl had been taken to Eloise by the truancy officers. Having been skipping out during the night while her parents slept the girl found her way to trouble and ended up at the county house. Such was the peril of many seeking and lost souls of 20th century Detroit, Michigan.

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