Monday, January 14, 2013

Until Eloise Do We Part, Let 'Em Build it at Eloise & Bolislaw Wieszkowski Mad Escape

Detroit Free Press, February 2, 1906

Forget about what becomes of the broken-hearted. What of those married couples joined at the hip for decades who were suddenly separated upon their arrival at Eloise? Quite simply they were separated and sometimes rarely saw each other.

Capt. Quinn of the Poor Commission had an idea: to build cottages for couples. Seeing as Quinn died less than 2 years later it's doubtful that any of his plan was implemented though I'm sure with the passage of time better accommodations were made for aging couples.

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Detroit Free Press, May 31, 1905 (enlarge)

No matter if it was a new hospital, a sewage plant or any other undesirable facility that was an eyesore to a neighborhood, it was suggested that they build it at or near Eloise. The proposed facility, the Herman Keifer Hospital, was eventually relocated due to the public outcry.

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 Detroit Free Press, September 8, 1903

If Bolislaw Wieszkowski didn't have the hardest name in Detroit to spell it was only because of his in-laws the Andziejewskis. As such, the insane man escaped Eloise and sought out the comfort of his very Polish families. To no avail. The authorities came for him and  returned him from whence he came.

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