Sunday, February 24, 2013

Caller Was Not A Welcome One

The Detroit Free Press, October 26, 1903

Of all the self-inflicted physical and mental injuries sustained by deranged patients at Eloise, being run over by a train was seemingly only eclipsed by that of the fleeing inmate. When Charles Gill made his journey to freedom from county cuckoo servitude his first stop was an odd choice: Detroit Police Captain James McDonnell's home.

There, he entered unannounced and greeted Mrs. McDonnell by asking of her husband's whereabouts. When informed that he was at work Gill proceeded to the station. Wherein he once more requested the captain's presence. After being ushered into McDonnell's office he began acting strangely. The doctor was summoned and Gill was deemed unstable and whisked away to Eloise.

The Detroit Free Press, January 3, 1904

His stay at the facility wasn't a long-term sentence as he apparently died on New Year's Day, roughly two months after his initial incarceration. The cause of death is listed as exhaustion from an ulcer with a slice of dementia. Although the place of burial is listed as Detroit I was unable to locate a grave or cemetery with a Charles Gill matching his date of death.

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