Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sunstroke Ends In Death

The Detroit Free Press, February 7, 1906

I suppose that some of you still wonder why I bother writing up a synopsis for each post but as I've reiterated a few times you can't search names via a jpeg. Since the whole point of a blog is to bring information seekers in to the fold I don't plan on stopping. :-)

John McDermont suffered the double-indignity of having become terminally ill from his occupation and slowly dying in the hospital. Having contracted lead poisoning from working at a paint factory, the brother of patrolman James McDermont died from the effects on February 6, 1906 after getting sunstroke.

Seeing as I can't find any information on John I'm thinking that perhaps the last name is spelled wrong as was a common occurence with the Free Press.

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