Monday, February 25, 2013

The Return of John Holstein in Light of His Disappearance

The Detroit Free Press, September 28, 1905

When we last caught up with the amnesiac adventures of John Holstein (aka John Gibbs*) he was being incarcerated at the state hospital in Buffalo, New York after a stint and subsequent disappearance from Eloise. A year and a few months later, and shortly after being paroled and given grounds privileges, he simply walked away from the Buffalo institution and I haven't been able to track the aftermath. In fact, I only happened across this article while searching for somebody else and it sort of slipped in unannounced. Hopefully there'll be more of that sort of luck because I'm quite intrigued by this guy.

*he apparently lost the aforementioned surname Gilbs for the more proper Gibbs which is probably more a typeset error than an actual change in monikers. 

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