Monday, March 4, 2013

Ich bin so hungrig

Detroit Free Press, December 22, 1901

While James Gore's story was wretched and a detestable statement concerning humanity, Adam Braun's is just plain old sad. The senile septuagenarian was a ward at the county house for merely 3 months before the heart pangs for home struck him just before Christmas time. With childlike abandonment he left Eloise and started for his former home, the residence of his niece Mrs. William C. Gudenau, in Detroit.

The zero degree weather, his lack of adequate clothing and the long walk almost claimed Braun but a concerned officer noticed the tottering elderly man and all but carried him into the warm confines of William Sieg's drugstore at Livernois and Michigan avenue.

From there he was taken to the hospital for further treatment. His first words upon entering the hospital were, "Ich bin so hungrig." The English equivalent of "I'm so hungry." He was fed, interviewed and examined with the prognosis being rather grim.

Detroit Free Press, December 23, 1901

The good news is that the newspaper from the following day seemed to be hopeful that he would pull through. The bad news? He wasn't immortal and even though I couldn't find a death certificate or a grave for him, unless he's 190+ years old, the Earth claimed Braun as one of its own. We've reclaimed him today.

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