Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pleasing Entertainment at the Insane Asylum

The Detroit Free Press, February 4, 1900

Dr. Marker: Dr. Bennett.

Dr. Bennett: Yes, Dr. Marker?

Dr. Marker: Now that the insane asylum is complete and populated, shall we have a gala affair to celebrate its opening?

Dr. Bennett: Yes, we shall, sir.

Dr. Marker: Very well then.

And so they did. Inmates, a chorus, a splendid lunch and all. The Rounds' Ladies' orchestra performed with help from Miss Nettie Lyons and Mary Owen, vocalist and little Gerturde May, the reader, from Detroit. Let's not exclude the various speakers in Drs. Marker, Bennett, James, Dunn, Roe, nor Mr. Rounds himself, the maestro, I presume.

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