Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Ladies Man He Was Not

Detroit Free Press, April 8, 1909
I think it's pretty safe to assume that John Alexander just wasn't husband material. His first wife died in Eloise after going insane and the second one at his hands when he shot her while she held their baby. Apparently the second Mrs. Alexander had dodged bullets on several occasions during her husbands drunken rampages.

Alexander maintained his "Sphinx-like" demeanor even after being found guilty and sentenced to 7-15 years at DeHoCo. He refused all visitors, shunned his fellow inmates and preferred to ruminate by himself while smoking a pipe. Perhaps he should have pursued this course of action when it actually mattered.

Not only did Alexander contest the verdict but he won a re-trial and was eventually freed after prosecutor's determined that he probably wouldn't be convicted again. An odd verdict considering the heinous nature of the crime.

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