Monday, April 1, 2013

Two Daze Gone

The Detroit Free Press, January 19, 1911
Wasn't there a Billy Squier song by that name? Two Daze Gone, that is. Anyway, Mrs. Anna B. Ross had one of the shorter stints at Eloise and I have to wonder if she was really insane or if some dirty dealing was going on behind the scenes.

The first article goes to great lengths to assure the reader that Judge Hulbert acted within the law to send the hitherto sane Mrs. Ross to Eloise at the request of her estranged husband, lumber merchant Frederick Ross, and on the recommendation of two appointed physicians, A. W. Ives and W. E. Scriber. How else would he send her if not under the prescribed guidelines of the law? The article seems to indicate that the judge was apprehensive to do so and was almost apologetic as well.

Maybe it was because Mr. and Mrs. Ross were not only estranged but hadn't seen each other in over a year! He was also going through bankruptcy and conveniently needed to get some papers that she had in her possession. Haha. No wonder why the judge was so sheepish in ordering her commitment. He should have been disbarred.

The Detroit Free Press, January 21, 1911

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