Monday, May 6, 2013

Miscellaneous Blurbs

Ludington Daily News, June 10, 1929

Matt Larson of Detroit died at Eloise from injuries suffered when his automobile overturned on Cherry Hill just west of Wayne, Michigan.

The Farmington Enterprise, June 8, 1933

Charles Dunnman of Farmington died of hardening of the arteries at Eloise in June of 1933. He was buried in Livonia Cemetery.

The Detroit Free Press, April 26, 1905

Hannah McCausland, the widow of Wilson McCausland of 744 Brooklyn Avenue, was in Eloise at the time of her husband's death on April 15,1905. A daughter named Hannah B., of 527 Alexandrine Ave. East, also survived him.

The Detroit Free Press, November 16, 1904

Ida Nottrut was adjudged insane in December of 1901 and as of a custody hearing concerning her daughter Hazel in November of 1904 she was still being kept there. Her husband Rudolph C. Nottrut, of 39 Greenwood Ave., died October 17, 1898 and she was the guardian of Hazel until her time of admittance to the asylum. A Mr. Charles D. Utter was appointed in her stead.

The Detroit Free Press, April 8, 1881

Edgar Pitts, a Canadian teamster who turned violent after a bought of not-so-temporary insanity was sent to Eloise on April 7, 1881 after a several day stay at Central Station.

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