Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mystery Veils Wayne Attack

Detroit Free Press, October 17, 1917

Normally, it was a madman or woman who was being dragged to the asylum at Eloise but on occasion it was the victim of a maniac being rushed to the hospital for treatment.

This case is an especially brutal attack as an unknown man wielding a fireman's ax assaulted both O. W. Slayton and his wife in their Wayne home on October 16, 1917. Mr. Slayton suffered wounds to his head from the blade and his wife minor injuries and shock.

The fact that nothing was stolen, the young children in the house were untouched and the ax was found in front of the house seems suspicious. The fact that Mrs. Slayton was attacked first and only slightly hurt while her husband was bludgeoned in the head afterwards would suggest some culpability on her but since I can find no further information it's only baseless speculation.

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