Saturday, May 11, 2013

Refuse Place To Insane Patient

The Detroit Free Press, July 8, 1909

You know somebody's mad when every institution from hospital to jail to asylum refuses their admittance. Such was the fate of Howard McMane, a 29-year-old molder from Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. His insanity was apparently preaching the gospel to a throng of curious onlookers at East Grand Blvd near Woodward.

When the ambulance came for him he became embattled with the handlers. Once subdued he was taken to Grace hospital. Refused admittance he was hauled to St. Mary's where he was once again turned away. His next destination was police headquarters where he met the same fate. But not before a call was placed to Eloise where both parties agreed that he should be taken to Red Cross hospital. After nearly 3 hours he was admitted with expectation that he'd be transferred to Eloise in the morning despite their overcrowding issues.

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