Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Westwood Otto Inn

It's hard to pinpoint exactly where the Westwood Otto Inn was situated along Michigan Avenue but from what I can ascertain it was located two miles west of Dearborn and just east of Eloise. Which would put it somewhere near Inkster Road or roughly halfway between the asylum and Telegraph Road. Not exactly Eloise per se but close enough to carry the same telephone exchange in the 1920s. It had previously carried a Dearborn exchange.

A few things of note concerning the Westwood Otto is that the proprietor, Otto A. Huck, and his three brothers separately owned several restaurant establishments across the Detroit area throughout the early to mid 1900s.

In June of 1919 the waiters at the establishment held a brief strike in conjunction with street car workers of Detroit United Railway who were embattled in a more lengthy holdout. The waiters, noticing the large crowd of 135 prosperous looking men from the Detroit Real Estate board filing in to the building for a meeting, took advantage of the situation and the matter was settled hastily.

Ted Weems, Perry Como, "Red" Ingle, Elmo Tanner, "Country" Washburn and Ted Florito were some of the headliners at the Westwood Symphony Garden, also owned by Huck, adjacent to the Otto Inn in the summer of 1936. Revelers who preferred to dance and dine indoors at the newly renovated eatery were treated to the sounds of George DeWolf and his orchestra.

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