Sunday, August 25, 2013

George Gordon: King of Tramps

The Washington Times, November 9, 1914
George Gordon, prior to his arrival at Eloise at the twilight end of his 75 years, was a lifelong hobo who rode the rails after emigrating from Scotland in his early 30s and falling on hard times in New York. Stricken by rheumatism and senility he was no longer able to withstand the cold winters sleeping in fields and barns and in November of 1914 sought refuge at the county house. Though other municipalities refused him entry, Eloise accommodated the septuagenarian scamp with only minor resistance and waiting period despite his short residency in the area.

Safely ensnared into the systerm, he spoke of his travails begging for food, avoiding the gruff resistance of would-be benefactors and the sullen curs that frequently sent him off to his next unwelcome destination. He even shared his remedy for the ailments that oft plague a drifter: "three drinks of well water taken before the sun rises will sure cure you." he stated assuredly, it having served him faithfully the past half century. While the cure-all worked for the weathered tramp on the trails, it failed to follow him to the old red brick asylum on Michigan Avenue. He died before winter's end.

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