Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Sad Case of Willie Williams

The New Bloomfield Times, December 31, 1878
When young Willie Williams was plucked from his unfortunate casting as a charge at the poorhouse by a physician he must have had high hopes for his future. Those dreams were soon dashed as he endured cruelty at the hands of his adopter, working laboriously at the home front while sparsely given meals. His complaints at school were met with the indifference of the laissez-faire morals of the era.

The abuse wore on the boy's mind and soon after Christmas in December of 1878, when sent to the market on an errand, he bought a pistol for the purpose of ending his own life. When confronted by the physician about being short-changed he told the doctor of both his purchase and intent. The concerned caretaker attempted to wrangle the gun from the boy but young Willie escaped to another room, locked the door and proceeded to fatally shoot himself, ending a life of dual misfortunes.

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