Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lad Caught In Police Raid Thinks Central Station Nice

The Detroit Free Press, January 3, 1910
What's worse than being at the central police station answering questions about your criminal father when you're a teenager? Living in a cocaine den with him, your brother and a cadre of dope fiends while your mother's off at the asylum.

The boys were dirty and disheveled when rescued by Patrolman O'Grady from the back rooms of the home at 215 East Elizabeth street and explained at the station that the water had frozen up and there was nothing to wash up with anyway.

One officer noticed that Robert Dogger, the elder boy at 14, had on a ring and inquired about it. The young man explained that it was his mother's who was away at Eloise.

With a petition already presented by truancy officers to the court to have the children removed from their parent's custody, it's not infeasible that they may have made a stop at the institution, as well, along with their drug-addled father.

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