Sunday, September 15, 2013

Seek Return Of "Mother Little"

Detroit Free Press, January 24, 1910
Mother Little was a "ministering angel" who tirelessly helped the needy and unfortunates of Detroit. Having been called to tend to a poor dying woman at Red Cross hospital in 1906 she began a mission to help those who had difficulty helping themselves.

A cultured woman, she was often seen at hospital wards, patient's homes, orphanages, prisons and Eloise carrying books, clothing and flowers to give as gifts. She would read to them from the Bible and even brushed up on her French, German and Italian so that the scope of her giving could increase ever more. She especially relished in the tutelage of young girls.

Without fanfare or wide recognition she tended thanklessly to her flock and then suddenly she had gone. There was a plea to bring her back to the needy streets but she had seemingly vanished. It only took the crack staff at the Free Press, with information from a friend of hers, a year to track her down to the mean streets of Chicago where she once engaged in similar duties helping the downtrodden. She shared her experiences in the new city with the readers of the paper.

Detroit Free Press, January 15, 1911

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