Monday, October 21, 2013

Obsessional Schizophrenia by Alter Ego & Friends

Having maintained an obscure record blog for several years I am well-acquainted with this LP by Charles Schneider performing under the auspices of Alter Ego & Friends, which was apparently recorded at Eloise. I'm not sure that there's any way to really prove that it was indeed produced there but since the address to procure copies seemingly originated there, a connection is made whether by proxy or actuality.

While I knew about the recording, finding a copy wasn't so easy. After failing to scare one up I forgot about it until tonight when doing a Google search. Thinking it was my lucky day I checked both You Tube and eBay to see if it was available to either listen to or purchase and sure enough it is on both accounts. The price is reasonable for the time being but seeing as it's an auction it could increase rather sharply.

Anyway, I've taken the liberty of transferring the YouTube audio videos to mp3 and present them here for your perusal. They aren't exactly Glenn Gould but skillfully played and interesting enough if we assume that Mr. Schneider was probably insane at the time of the recording. Enjoy.


What a Shame

Theme and Deviation

Social Disease






Come On, Billy, and Eat Your Carrots

Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo

Badlands Ghost

Your Cheatin' Heart

Abide With Me

Heart Song


Rube Ruben said...

This is so fantastic of you to have done all of this. Thanks from another Charles Schneider who has long been fascinated by this !

the said...

And thank you for checking in.