Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wild Chase Along Country Highway Starts As Seven Thugs Flee With $12,000

Ludington Daily News, September 29, 1932
Havoc was not only wrought inside the red brick institution at Eloise but also in incremental incidents outside its doors. What started out as mere thievery in the form of a license plate burglary in the parking lot later escalated into a full-on manhunt as seven heavily-armed men bearing that same purloined license number robbed a bank across state, had a shootout with police and seemingly escaped into thin air.

While this story is missing the second half, the bandits got away eluding a posse of some 400 men who had surrounded them on a farm and also in a swamp. Despite one of the robbers supposedly being shot through the neck I can find no trace of them being caught in the days after the siege. A former Chicago policeman was arrested as a suspect later that year and a group of robbers from several statewide holdups across Michigan were also fingered as the possible culprits. Since none appear to be Eloise inmates I didn't bother to pursue the rest of the story.

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