Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2 Shot As Gang Violence Continues

The Windsor Star, August 27, 1969 (enlarge)
In the age of the Manson Family crusades and inner-city rioting it's not hard to conceive of just about any form of reckless violence but I was unaware of clashes between competing Detroit motorcycle gangs in the 1960s. Well, I'd heard of such things in recent years in occasional random incidents but didn't realize that it was a longstanding and widespread phenomenon.

In August of 1969 violence broke out between factions in the "Scorpions", "Vikings", "Huns", "Wanderers" and the "Highwaymen" gangs leaving several members and a police interloper gravely injured at WCGH.

In the incident above, a policeman, Freeman Suiter, was at a stakeout in a Taylor restaurant on another case when shooting broke out. When he intervened he was shot. The two assailants escaped but were later arrested.

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