Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Just A Boy Grown Tall

The Owosso Argus-Press, May 10, 1949
A Mother's Day flower-picking excursion by seven boys in May of 1949 nearly proved fatal for one of them when the owner of the ramshackle Livonia property they were on opened fire.

With lilacs as the aim for their late-day excursion the boys foraged for their booty until the owner of the home, 88-year-old spinster, Emma Arnold, appeared on the porch with a revolver and began shooting.

15-year-old Donald Walsh took a shot to the chest just below the heart and was taken to WCGH in critical condition. His condition improved over the following days and he made a full recovery.

Miss Arnold, no stranger to the shooting of trespassers, had wounded two others in the months proceeding the incident. When county sheriff officer Lt. Ronald LaRue went to arrest her for felonious assault he had to knock down the door. Once inside the premises he was confronted by the armed woman though he managed to disarm her in an orderly fashion. Now without protest as she openly protested her right to protect her property. That she was "a good shot" shouldn't diminish that fact.

Livonia Justice of the Peace Leo O. Nye agreed with her and she was freed without charges. Though minus her gun as she agreed to surrender it. She also apologized to Walsh, saying that he was "just a boy grown tall" who meant no harm.

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, May 21, 1949

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