Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Phantom Hand Pushes Boy Into Rouge River & Steals His Voice

Canton Observer, April 7, 1977 (enlarge)
5-year-old Canton tot Michael Arzadon was left unattended with his playmate outside their apartment building on the banks of the Rouge River in April of 1977 and subsequently ended up face first in five feet of icy water a half-mile from his home. His mother, who was ironing at the time of the boy's disappearance, called police and he was found some 12 minutes after by officer John MacDiarmid, who performed CPR on Michael at the river bank.

Mrs. Arzadon was unsatisfied with the investigation of the accident, stating that her son was terrified of the river and would never go in the river willingly, and the family hired a private investigator. The officer in charge of the incident, Detective Harvey, summed it up as a simple accident caused by neglect with no malice involved. He suspected that the race of himself and the other boy involved--they were both black--played a part in the Arzadon's mistrust. Both Mr. Arzadon and his son remained mute on the matter. One out of necessity and the other from possible psychological and physical injuries sustained.

MacDiarmid, for his part, was given several citations for bravery.

Canton Observer, April 14, 1977 (enlarge)

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