Sunday, December 1, 2013

Demented Woman Escapes Pursuers With Good Reason: She Wasn't Insane!

The Detroit Free Press, June 28, 1908
Doesn't everybody in the asylum think that it's the other person who is truly crazy? So it wasn't a surprise when Kate Forncrook escaped the asylum walls and returned to her at 650 Sixth Street in Detroit. When relatives notified the police she made a mad dash down the street, through alleyways and vacant lots with ambulance drivers and police in hot pursuit. After a half hour she lost them.

Where she went and how the incident was settled remains unknown to me at present but one thing is certain: SHE WASN'T INSANE!

The Detroit Free Press, December 22, 1908
Well... okay, maybe she was a little bit but not without cause! It seems that her husband, a former mail carrier and a son had tried to railroad Mrs. Forncrook, accusing her of plotting to murder the two and their housekeeper, Miss Simons. With malice, apparently, since Mr. Forncrook later absconded to Los Angeles with Miss Simons, his son who was attending university in San Francisco (and had been reported missing) and an 11-year-old daughter named Grace, leaving behind several other children with his wife in Detroit.

After finally tracking her husband and family to the area Mrs. Forncrook followed them and began court proceedings to regain custody of her daughter. Grace was taken into the custody of the Humane Society (for children, obviously) and after a pot-boiler trial, remained in the custody of the foster parents she was staying with, denying both parents their appeals.

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