Sunday, December 8, 2013

Frail Woman Dying

The Detroit Free Press, June 5, 1906
When Mary Jablonski's husband died at Eloise it was hardly a moment to grieve. His alcoholism had all but cancelled him out of the life of his family and his death was more or less the loosening of a burden. One which Mary carried with her as she trundled miles to and from work opportunities to secure money for the care of her 6 children, despite being ravaged by the white plague of tuberculosis.

On the verge of being homeless and starving she finally contacted the Poor Commission for help. It assuaged the bill collector somewhat but did nothing for her health. A fainting spell on the way home from one of her cleaning jobs elicited the dire medical diagnosis which demanded she quit working lest she die. It also marked the return of the dire poverty which began this tale.

Although I can find no follow-up story or information that confirms she died, the snippet below suggests that she either remained feisty despite her condition or that there were multiple Mary Jablonskis having a rough go of it in 1906 Detroit.

The Detroit Free Press, August 19, 1906

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