Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hate the Game, Not the Plenn Phayer

The Detroit Free Press, May 6, 1913
Accused of stealing an 8 cent bottle of milk Plenn Phayer served as his own defense in court and questioned both the arresting officer's eye for detail and his mere existence. After demanding that Officer Wehmeister prove that he was born, Phayer produced a bottle of milk from the county jail, held it aloft and questioned the lawman if it was the suspected pilfered bottle. The officer answered in the negative.

The presiding judge Gainey, having heard enough of the chicanery, began to declare Phayer guilty when the man objected that the verdict was illegal because he was not actually Plenn Phayer.

Since he was deemed unfit by even the county inmates for his middle of the night jig dancing, it was off to Eloise with him.

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