Thursday, December 12, 2013

Photo of Mrs. Mildred L. Thomas and Dr. S. E. Gould

Somebody sent me a message a month or so back that many of the photo link pictures were missing when they clicked on them. My first reaction was to respond, "Then don't click them!" but thought better of the matter. Seeing as I'm lazy and have lost most of my will to sort through the maze of information on this blog I decided to just re-post any pictures I come across.

This one is of Mrs. Mildred L. Thomas and Dr. S. E. Gould (his name was Sylvester). The fact that I can't find the back side of the photo in my files kind of defeats the whole purpose of posting the photo but maybe it'll jog somebody's memory and they can inform us of the importance of these two besides the scant information I have.

Namely, that Gould did a study in 1954 and found that 16% of the population was annually sickened by pork. Also papers on Trichinella spiralis in piggies, Trichinosis in swine from irradiated larvae, Leiomyosarcome of the Duodenum and many other interesting papers.

And the photo has re-appeared on eBay for sale. Here's the obverse:


Michigan Girl said...

My maiden name is GOULD. I believe that my 2nd great grandfather, John C. Gould May have died at Eloise. I have located a death certificate, but it doesn't contain enough information for me to be certain it is him.
Do you know of any way to obtain records from 1915-1920?
I'm not certain when he entered, but if the person I found is him, then he died in 1920.
I've been trying to locate his death for 10 yrs and any help would be appreciated.
Very sincerely,

the said...

Hello. I'm out of town at the moment and will look into it when I get back on Monday. I'll also post something on FB concerning it to see if others can help you.

the said...

Do you have any information on him besides his name?