Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Get Suspect In Police Murder

Detroit Free Press, December 8, 1916
You'd think that after stabbing and shooting a guy, no less that it was a copper, at a public intersection, then hurrying to work only to semi-confess the deed and finally scampering away to the poorhouse, there would be a good chance of being captured in a swift manner. But it wasn't to be for Jack O'Donnell. He survived nearly a month of police investigation before they caught up with him.

Of course, he denied all accounts and to his credit the original police theory was that a gang of men in a car had committed the act. Which jibed with eyewitness accounts that saw a policeman on the running boards of a machine that was hurrying away from the scene around the time of the attack. Three other men with checkered pasts were interviewed before being summarily exonerated of the charges. O'Donnell's fate is still undetermined at this point.

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