Wednesday, June 18, 2014

An Update on Henry Ward

The Detroit Free Press, October 2, 1879
With this article it becomes clear that part of Henry Ward's affliction was disillusionment. If this article says what I think it does, Capt. Eber Ward bequeathed the mansion on Fort Street to his infants Henry and Elizabeth (also supposedly incompetent) and a bevy of other properties to his widow and the aforementioned children upon his death. At some point Mrs. Eber Ward married a man named Cameron in Chicago and left the mentally deficient children to care for themselves in their castle. To pay mortgage debts Catherine sold the mansion on Fort Street and the remaining land interests, save for one, were likewise disposed of to meet debts, leaving the children with no means of support.

Carlos E. Warner, a guardian for the children, sought to remedy the issue by having Catherine provide $600 a year in support or a total settlement of $15,000, with $7,500 going to each. Which I'm assuming was amicably settled--I can find no evidence either way--since it was a sweetheart deal for Mrs. Cameron considering all of the capital that was originally involved.

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