Monday, June 9, 2014

Asylum Officials Censured

Detroit Free Press, February 24, 1899 (enlarge)
A hundred and fifteen years ago people were content with guarding their pudeurs. Exceedingly so, almost to the point of childish imbecility. So that when the subject of sex was broached a coy reticence came over them and they were unable to speak in specifics. Today, anything goes. Well, I suppose not everything but damn near close to it.

The synopsis of this story seems to be that Mrs. Charles St. Mary had a few conjugal visits from her mister at the asylum. She became pregnant. She died after childbirth from either sepsis or a morphine overdose. Nobody was really clear on the matter. At least not under oath. No morphine was given to Mrs. St. Mary but a slight amount appeared in her system during the autopsy. Unless there is a natural chemical reaction in the body that produces a similar substance to morphine, somebody was lying. Everybody lies. Isn't that what Dr. House always said? At the county house it was a given. A place that House himself would have fit seamlessly into.

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