Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cheap Suits For Lunatics

Detroit Free Press, October 5, 1907
The Poor Commission of Wayne was often courting officials from both the county and the state for additional funds to finance the ever-expanding operations at Eloise. 1907 wasn't one of those years as the institution was carrying a surplus of $28,000 which would reflect in the following year's budget. Though it was mostly due to a grant to expand the facility that was never undertaken, other cost-cutting methods played their part too.

 One such measure was providing the insane with a suit that cost two-thirds less than their previous allotment for clothing. The $2.38 suits were of comparable quality according to President Fred Postal who compared them to the sort of clothing he'd wear on a shooting outing. Or basically a Carhart jacket and pants. Which, I suppose, is much better than a burlap sack or worn, secondhand street clothes despite the protestations of blue bloods who were accustomed to the finer things in life and those in charge of placing finery on the ugly underneath.

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