Thursday, June 19, 2014

Crazy In Love

The Detroit Free Press, September 8, 1899
The old Habeas corpus. Ye may have the body if it suits me lord (I added the latter part for poetic flare). Or something to that extent. Which is the right to be brought before a magistrate to determine the legality of a person's detainment. Apparently this common right extends beyond legal matters into the mental health realm. Regardless, Joanna Zaul, a former Eloise mental patient didn't believe that her then current Eloise mental patient husband Leo Levy was insane despite a record of almost continuous incarceration there for the previous 13 years. Thus, she swore out a writ. It was denied despite the testimony of two doctors that Levy was completly sane. Drs. Bennett and Marker of Eloise disagreed. Their authority in such matters swayed the judge and kept the marital bed in affrays.

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